1. Introduction

  • The Instructor – His Story with Bamboos
  • The Participants – Your Motivations and Interests
  • General Comments

2. Workshop’s Presentation

  • Goals and Purposes
  • Work Methodology
  • Orientation and Suggestions

3. Bamboo

  • Existing Species and Varieties
  • Physical Features (section, fiber, pulp, node, varnish, wall)
  • Physical Properties (resistance, flexibility, hardness, durability)
  • Functional and Useful Applications (objects, construction)
  • Artistic Use

4. Bamboo Processing

  • Harvest (adequate season and moon)
  • Transportation and Storage
  • Natural and Induced Drying
  • Rectification and Bending with Heat
  • Transversal, longitudinal, and inclined cuts
  • Surface Finishing

5. Shapes and Surfaces

  • Flat (whole fibers, chamfered, and on top)
  • Curved (whole and cut fibers)
  • Concave and Convex (cutting fibers or not)
  • Angular (tips and angles)
  • Rounded (along the fibers)

6. Main Tools and Utensils

  • Bucksaw, steel saw, electric saw
  • Machete, sickle, knife, pocketknife, cutters
  • Planer, scraper, glass
  • Rasp, sandpaper, diamond file, belt sander
  • Blowtorch, gas stove, microwave stove
  • Granite, wood, tempered glass

7. Recommended Attitude Toward Work

  • Know and respect the material’s properties and features
  • Know and test bamboo’s limits
  • Take advantage of bamboo’s morphology (fibers, nodes, curves, dimensions)
  • Look for shapes compatible with bamboo’s specificities
  • Highlight the selected bamboo’s features, and get around its limitations
  • Master techniques and tools for cutting and polishing
  • Observe, understand, evaluate, and control what’s happening
  • Focus on what’s being done, and its impacts
  • Interact and learn from your own rights and wrongs

8. Recommendations and care

  • With hands (cuts, wooden splinters)
  • With tools (condition, sharpening)
  • With bamboo (woodworms, mold, core, varnish)

9. Pieces with Pre-Defined Shapes

  • Sticks, spatulas, knives, spoons, pots, glasses

10. Pieces with No Pre-Defined Shapes

11. Closing, and Exhibition of Works