Spoons, spatulas, shells, knives, forks, cutters, shoehorns, pots, tweezers and many other items without an apparent function compose the universe of bamboo objects I make.

Their sizes vary and each one has its own shape. Most are strong and robust. Many have an intriguing gracefulness. Some are light and entirely flexible. Together, they make up harmonious groups.

Made without a previously defined design, these pieces result from the spontaneity of the work process, which is based on the reclamation of each bamboo piece taken as raw material. I seek to respect and highlight all of bamboo’s attributes. Thus, resulting pieces always present fibers in the shape of lines, points and ellipsis. As I do not use any paints or varnishes, the bamboo’s colors come out in their natural condition. I found out that, with use, wood’s colors become darker and more beautiful.

I probably made more than 4,000 pieces in the last 21 years, most of them as gifts to friends. Voracious insects destroyed many of them. At home, my spoons are absolute majority in the kitchen. They are great for stirring sweets and foods, but some people will not use their gifts.

fotos: Diana Abreu